Ypsilanti Township 2040 Steering Committee Begins Work

Ypsilanti Township 2040

Thanks to the dedicated community members who have volunteered to serve on the Steering Committee for Ypsilanti Township 2020:

  • Morgan Foreman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Sawitski
  • Derrick Jackson
  • Dave Streeter
  • Alida Westman
  • Paula C. Drummond
  • Joann McCullum
  • Pastor Mike Desotell
  • Karen Lovejoy Roe
  • Jason Iacoangeli.

They will work closely with the Township’s planning consultants, Carlisle Wortman Association and Township staff Crystal Campbell and Charlotte Wilson, to guide the Ypsilanti Township 2040 process. Public is welcome at their meetings, including their upcoming meeting on September 19 at 7:00 p.m. at the Ypsilanti Township Civic Center.