What is Ypsilanti Township 2040?

Ypsilanti Township 2040

Ypsilanti Township 2040 is the collaboration between Ypsilanti Township officials, residents, and businesses to answer the question, “What should Ypsilanti Township be in 2040?” It is a community-wide exploration of our core values, legacies, and aspirations rooted in careful analysis of data, trends, patterns and market conditions. Once we have a shared vision for the future of our community, the Township will update its plans, policies and zoning ordinance to bridge our past to community’s vision for the future.

Ypsilanti Township 2040 will span two years, create a shared vision for Ypsilanti Township, craft two plans (Master Plan and Parks and Recreation Plan), and construct a 21st-century Zoning Ordinance. These documents will set in motion what recreation, arts, housing, agriculture, jobs, transportation and much more will be in Ypsilanti Township by 2040.


Ypsilanti Township 2040 is currently starting the development of a shared community vision. The process is scheduled as shown below:

  • Shared community vision with community workshop October 16-19 (September – December 2018)
  • Parks, Recreation and Non-Motorized Plan (June 2018 – January 2019)
  • Master Plan Development (January – March 2019)
  • Community Review of Draft Master Plan (March – April 2019)
  • Public Hearing for Master Plan (May 2019)
  • Planning Commission Recommendations of Master Plan (June 2019)
  • Township Board Adoption of Master Plan (July 2019)
  • Zoning Ordinance Consultations (November 2019)
  • Planning Commission Zoning Ordinance Recommendation (January 2020)
  • Township Board Zoning Ordinance Approval (February 2020)